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Step Into the Power of Your Uniqueness

You have all the power within yourself to create the life you desire.

It's time to take back your femininity in the way it was DESTINED for you.


Did you know just 3% of women know how to ACCURATELY predict when they are ovulating?


Just 3% of the world’s women understand their cyclic hormonal interplay & are empowered to manage their health + fertility


Learning to chart your cycle is key to understanding your body + monitoring your health 


Charting informs you of the changing patterns of estrogen + progesterone in your body


You’ll learn that ovulation is an important sign of health + how to identify this event in your cycle 


You’ll have access to group support from other women on a similar journey of self-discovery & empowerment 


The next group of EMPOWERED women starts in June 2023 


Stopping Synthetic Hormones

How do you ACTUALLY avoid pregnancy without artificial hormones?


What has been the impact of these synthetic hormones on the body both in the short-term & long-term?


"The combined Pill increases your risk of depression by as much as 80%, and progestin-only doubles your risk. A major European study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, the largest of its kind to date, found a strong correlation between being on the Pill and developing major depression. Researchers followed over a million women, ages fifteen to thirty-four, for thirteen years and found that about 23% of the women—including many who had never struggled with depression, mood symptoms, or mental health problems prior to starting the Pill—needed to go on an antidepressant medication. This was not the first study to link OCPs (oral contraceptive pills) to depression, though it was the largest. Teens were especially vulnerable. While women on the combined pill fared the worst, progestin-only pills and the transdermal patch and vaginal ring were also associated with a higher rate of depression and antidepressant prescriptions."

You'll learn about the impact of synthetic hormones and your overall health

You'll learn ways to give Your body the nutrients it needs to avoid synthetic hormone withdrawal side effects

Are you ready to gain Your power back over Your hormone health?

It's time to stop believing You "aren't smart enough" to prevent unwanted pregnancy without turning OFF our hormones 

Rhythm Flow Wellness Intensive

Work with me 1:1

This in an intense 4-month deep dive into YOU + the wisdom Your body has for You

You'll learn FEMMpowerment tools to understand Your unique Ovulatory Cycle + How to Best Support it

You'll learn Somatic Experiencing skills in order to gain a deeper look into Your unique nervous system


You'll learn your body's unique Human Design in order to make it work for YOU

You'll learn anatomy + sexual empowerment techniques to improve Your individual and partnered sex life

You'll learn Your Unique Body Wisdom just waiting for You to Access it

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