Meet Addie

Nurse Herbalist Women's Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Addie!

I am I am a Nurse, Herbalist,  Mama, and Women's Wellness Coach, and the founder of Sunrise Mama Wellness!


I am here to guide women to step into their power through every stage of life from preconception to postpartum and beyond through empowerment and education. 


Through Sunrise Mama Wellness we work together to discover a deep self love through awareness and positive affirmations to restore the mind, through sharing herbs and the vital nutrients of food to restore the body, and through meditation and prayer to restore the spirit. 


After the birth of my son, I suffered from postpartum anxiety due to the constant pull back and forth between my instincts and societal pressures.


It wasn't until after the birth of my daughter, that I was fully able to discover and embrace every aspect of my true mama power!


As part of Sunrise Mama Wellness, I would love to walk you through every step of your wellness journey, whether that be from preconception to general wellness and whatever that may look like to you individually!


For me, stepping into my power was being able to experience a natural birth at home.

Stepping into my power was finally understanding my own female biology and learning how to using it to my advantage.

Stepping into my power was optimizing my energy in a 28-day rhythm rather than becoming a victim to the 24-hour clock.

Unfortunately, our culture has shifted from a place of women supporting women, to relying on physicians who are often men.


Women in our healthcare system are often made to feel “less than” if they question the course or bring up concerns about their healthcare.

You have all the power within yourself to create the life you have dreamed of.

Are you ready to Step into that Power?