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Meet Addie

Nurse Herbalist Women's Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Addie!

I am a Registered Nurse, Fertility Educator, Shamanic Usui Reiki Master, Sensual Embodiment Priestess, and the founder of Sunrise Mama Wellness!

Like most women, I was placed on Synthetic Birth Control in order to avoid pregnancy at the age of 19. I was told by my practitioner at the time, "there was no medical need to ovulate unless desiring pregnancy". Over the years of working with women, I have found this to be a complete lie. For years, I bounced around from birth control pill to birth control pill to contraceptive ring, just trying to find one that make me feel more like "myself" and less numb.


I had convinced myself I was a true feminist "sticking to the rights" I had as a woman, thinking synthetic hormones were the only path to living a sexually free life without the risks of getting pregnant before I was ready.


Unfortunately, I have come to find out that this view of feminism is also a lie. It is not the only way to avoid pregnancy and synthetic hormones are not without severe risks and side effects. 


I founded Sunrise Mama Wellness in 2020, in order to create awareness around the importance of the ovulation cycle tracking for overall Women's Wellness. Through this business, I have been able to guide many women back to the power of ovulation through ovulation awareness teaching methods while guiding them back to the wisdom of their bodies in order to discover the nutrients it needs in order to truly thrive!


I suffered with Synthetic Birth Control side effects like extreme anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts. I struggled with hormone imbalances like estrogen dominance and low progesterone, leading to severely painful clotting, dark bleed, menstrual phases.


I was suffering in silence because these conditions of women are often attributed to "just being a woman" and "being hormonal". It wasn't until I started reading more stories like my own, that I realized, THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

Realizing the severe impact of synthetic hormones on every single part of my body, I decided I would never return to using it. I am determined to sharing all I have learned in order to prevent women from experiencing what I have, or to help guide women back to the wisdom of their own bodies to learn how to move forward.

Discovering the wisdom of my body through somatic experiencing exercises, shamanic reiki, and women's circles has been essential on my path to healing.

Discovering the nervous system impact of both my ovulation cycle and the previous effects of synthetic hormones, has led me to rewiring and creating new couplings that lead me to live a life full of JOY.

Discovering the power that is held when women join together in love to heal themselves is truly the greatest gift!

Are you ready to start listening to your unique nervous system patterns, your body wisdom, your ovulation cycle, and truly thrive?

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