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Discover Calm & Peace in the Knowing

Women's Wellness with Addie

You are not meant to be the same everyday.

When you discover how to access your internal cyclical rhythm,

you can finally find access to endless creativity & growth.

"I was able to confidently hold my body safely through the emotions of pain that came up. I was able to anchor in safety in MY BODY, while surrounded by those I loved..."

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What Does Ovulation Awareness Bring?


Creative Growth


Mind + Body


to Nature


 Inner Strength + Power




Are Ready to Step Into the Power of Your Individuality?


You are a beautiful cyclical being with a 28-day, perfectly designed, intrinsic rhythm.

I've gained so much knowledge from Addie! After having 3 kids my menstrual cycles have been all over the place. Learning about our infradian rhythms has helped me know my body better. I've implemented diet changes and herbals that Addie mentioned and I have been feeling so much better overall. Food is a big trigger for me, since I have learned what foods my body needs during different phases of my cycle I have been so much more productive. I was not interested in treating my hormonal imbalances with conventional methods (been there, done that!), I am so glad Addie makes this knowledge available, it is so empowering!

After just one session with Addie, I felt empowered and armed with new tools to improve my overall health, make self care more of a priority, and be more intentional about nurturing body, mind and spirit. Her process of being in alignment with our internal cyclical rhythm makes so much sense. Addie is positive, uplifting and intuitive! In addition to the techniques, tools, and exercises, she shared gifts of positive affirmations, encouragement, and many additional helpful resources for a specific issue I was dealing with as well as ongoing holistic health. I recently relocated to the area and in the midst of some family stresses and health challenges, I feel lucky to have met her! Thank you, Addie!

My experience with Addie was simply the best. Addie is a space holder, a guide, and wealth of information. Every time we speak I learn something new about the female body and how we operate. Addie balances beautifully offering information, inviting deeper exploration, and listening. She brings in tools from many different practices and displays feminine power and intuition. Highly recommend for anyone looking for more clarity and a deeper relationship with their cycle.

Addie is wonderful! She’s very knowledgeable in women’s health and our cycles, supplements, and overall wellness (and so much more!), and I learned so much from her. She is kind and caring and I always felt like I could really share things with her. She shares great information and tools to help you on your journey, whatever that journey may be.

Sunrise Mama Wellness 

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